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Autism Does Not Have to Be a Life Sentence

In-depth support for families of children with Autism
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We Are Helping Children with Autism Reach Their Full Potential

Individual & Group Consultations

Online consultations and Video Feedbacks for families, their helpers and supportive professionals.

In-Home Services

Home visits to set up specific customized home programs that meets the child’s most important needs


1 or 2 day seminars to provide information about our approach and programs

Group consultations

Virtual workshops (Starting June 2020)

Starting in June 2020 we will offer group consultations, Q&A’s and video feedbacks on Zoom, functioning as a virtual Global Autism Solutions Workshop.

Families, their helpers and/or supportive professionals can admit questions about individual children and/or adults in need of help as well as sending short video clips of challenging situations, which I will be able to view and give parent and their helpers the most effective attitudes, strategies and techniques in order to help each individual in their respective environments. All admitted videos will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will only be viewed by Gerd Winkler, director of Global Autism Solutions.

Please do not hesitate to send video clips and any questions to: gerd@globalautismsolutions.com. Our next workshop will be held on Friday, August 21, 2020 at 09:00 EST.

Thanks to all the participants in our last Global Autism Solutions Virtual Workshop. This time we were able to get solid, practical, effective and helpful Solutions on how to encourage a child to join us at the dinner table or a task table with increased attention span, durations and focus.

We also solved issues on how to deal with children hitting themselves and how to talk about “disability vs. ability” with our children.

Last but not least participants learned that the Global Autism Solutions Approach not only works with autistic people, but is a blueprint for changing from a negative to a positive mindset when facing challenges. This approach is a microcosm for life in general.

Next Global Autism Solutions Virtual Workshop – August 21 at 9am EST

What past workshop participants are saying

“I feel connected and empowered”

Hi Gerd, I can imagine how much the parents benefited from the virtual workshop with you. Merwin and I are extremely grateful for the 6 years that you handheld us through our program. I will never forget the deep conversations we had, purpose & soul searching within ourselves, accessing within us the innate knowledge as Izzy’s parents. I feel connected and empowered even in the most challenging situations because you helped me see differently. You are a great teacher and friend.

– Samantha, Singapore

“Gerd’s professional advice … propelled us to be the best parents we can be”

You might want to check this out. Remember about my stories about Son Rise Program? Gerd Winkler flew to Washington State and came to our house (for a paid consultation) and helped us with our struggles and questions and worked with us and at that time, even with Zach’s school team.

Hands down, Gerd’s professional advice had helped us and propelled us to be the best parents we can be for Zach. If I had another Zach again with the same story, I will have Gerd anytime.

– Julia Kucherenko, Washington

“Accepting your child is the first step to recovery”

– Gerd Winkler

Director of Global Autism Solutions

Tips & Strategies for Raising an Autistic Child

Read our blog to learn key strategies you can use while raising an autistic child

Signature Approach Based on over 30 Years of Experience

Through an approach of non-judgmental love and acceptance of the child, and in creating the most suitable environment, the children I have worked with are highly motivated to overcome the main challenges related to the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Family stories and videos of parents who have been through it

Gerd Winkler with Erin C. and Brandon

Rita Gendelman working with an autistic child

Meet the Director

“Having had the privilege to work with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum has been by far the biggest blessing in my life and helping as many families and their children as I possibly can continues to be a passionate calling and the central mission of my life.”

Autism Does Not Have to Be a Life Sentence

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