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Online consultations and Video Feedbacks for families, their helpers and supportive professionals.

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Home visits (both in-person and remote via Zoom) to set up specific customized home programs that meets the child’s most important needs


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Global Autism Solutions Virtual Workshop

Practical, hands-on solutions to daily challenges in the life with Autism

How much do you believe in your child’s abilities? What negative judgements have you been told? What limiting beliefs do you hold? When you believe in the unlimited potential of your child and you act on it, the possibilities are endless. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by outside influences. What you believe inside of your heart is what really counts and your child knows it. Become a powerful role model for your child and he/she will follow you. Please join us for our next online workshop and learn how to become an irresistible magnet.

Please do not hesitate to send video clips and any questions to: Our next workshop will be announced soon.

Parenting Solutions for Challenging Neurotypical Children

Parenting consultations for any and all kinds of challenging situations as it relates to neurotypical children, your spouse and extended family members.

What past workshop participants are saying

“It really brings me up on a higher frequency”

I just watched the latest video clip on your website from your FMI conference with Dr. Deibby and Dr. Nia, and I can’t stop crying!! You have no idea how grateful I am to have met you and your wisdom, and your authentic love for the ones you help. Every time I talk to you or hear you speak about children on the spectrum, it really brings me up on a higher frequency, if you will, to really connect with the reason why I was put on earth. It took me long enough, 50 years, to realize what I was supposed to do in my life, but I’m finally here.

– Wakako H, Denver, USA

“Deep insights and eye-opening realizations”

Gerd did not just give a lecture/information, he gave deep insights and eye-opening realizations. I have never come across such a fantastic deliverance by any mental health speaker so far in my life! He is outstanding, his talks are deeply penetrative and transformative. I cannot stop admiring more.

– Ebility webinar participant

“A beautiful and empathetic approach”

A beautiful and empathetic approach by Gerd Winkler. It was a very informative presentation. It is commendable that a substantial amount of time was spent on the Q&A session, focusing on relevant questions. Lots of examples and analogies were provided by Gerd Winkler for people to have a very clear understanding. Gratitude from my side. The world needs more people who share your views!

– Ebility webinar participant

“I feel connected and empowered”

Hi Gerd, I can imagine how much the parents benefited from the virtual workshop with you. Merwin and I are extremely grateful for the 6 years that you handheld us through our program. I will never forget the deep conversations we had, purpose & soul searching within ourselves, accessing within us the innate knowledge as Izzy’s parents. I feel connected and empowered even in the most challenging situations because you helped me see differently. You are a great teacher and friend.

– Samantha, Singapore

“Accepting your child is the first step to recovery”

– Gerd Winkler

Director of Global Autism Solutions

Tips & Strategies for Raising an Autistic Child

Read our blog to learn key strategies you can use while raising an autistic child

Placing Together the Autism Jigsaw Puzzle

Solving the puzzle - what can practitioners do to help their patients with autism achieve recovery? This bilingual talk (Bahasa Indonesia & English) is designed to be an eye opener that Autism Spectrum Disorder is treatable, and recoveries are happening....

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Signature Approach Based on over 30 Years of Experience

Through an approach of non-judgmental love and acceptance of the child, and in creating the most suitable environment, the children I have worked with are highly motivated to overcome the main challenges related to the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Family stories and videos of parents who have been through it

Gerd Winkler with Erin C. and Brandon

Rita Gendelman working with an autistic child

Meet the Director

“Having had the privilege to work with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum has been by far the biggest blessing in my life and helping as many families and their children as I possibly can continues to be a passionate calling and the central mission of my life.”

Autism Does Not Have to Be a Life Sentence

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