Tips & Strategies

Learn our tips and strategies for raising an autistic child

Taking Turns with an Autistic Child

Thank you to all the participants in our last virtual workshop. Here is some of what people learned: Some children want to play the same game over and over again in a controlling, repetitive way. At the same time, they want to include you in the game, but only...

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The fun is in the trying

Dear Families & Friends, Thank you so much for attending our last workshop. Here is a short examples of what you can learn: Ever tried to encourage your child to eat with utensils? Yes, you could try to pass a fork into a child’s hand with a bite of food attached...

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Placing Together the Autism Jigsaw Puzzle

Solving the puzzle - what can practitioners do to help their patients with autism achieve recovery? This bilingual talk (Bahasa Indonesia & English) is designed to be an eye opener that Autism Spectrum Disorder is treatable, and recoveries are happening....

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