Gerd Winkler’s message to families and friends

Dear Families & Friends,

These are extraordinary times, with extraordinary circumstances in which your program might have stopped. You might be cooped up at home with your loved ones and going through challenging situations with your children, husband, grandparents or friends.

I am aware of how much anxiety, fear, discomfort and hardship that might create within your family, your circle of friends and/or your community. Well, I am here to help. Over the next few days, weeks and perhaps months I will offer special consultations and video feedbacks which will offer you help via Skype, Zoom, Face Time, WhatsApp and other media in order for you to stay sane, positive, loving and being able to handle any challenging situation that may come along.

May that be dealing with your child, not being in the focus room as much or not at all, the siblings being at home, home schooling and perhaps tensions between the parents, I am here to help.

As a way to be there for you, I will offer live group webinars, answering any and all of your questions in any area of your home life.

Please stay updated for helpful videos, under my Tips and Strategies tab, answering questions of parents in workshops I have recently done in Indonesia and Singapore. Many of the questions and answers may pertain to similar situations at home and might help to ease the challenges you are facing at the moment.

Please stay in touch, stay safe and be well. With the kindest regards and being here for you with an open, loving heart.

– Gerd Winkler

Director of Global Autism Solutions

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