30+ Years of Experience in the Field of Autism

“To build a relationship of deep trust, we must first connect with children in the place they know, with an attitude of genuine empathy and enthusiasm.”

It is with utmost gratitude to all the families and especially to their wonderful children whom I had the pleasure and blessing working with over the last 30+ years, that I have formed my own organization under the name of Global Autism Solutions.

My over 30 years of experience in the field of Autism has clearly shown me that I want to offer families with Special Needs Children and any supporting professionals in the field of special education a holistic program with clear expanded solutions. These solutions are meant to help the children, parents and professionals overcome the challenges related to all issues within the Autism Spectrum Disorder. In general, this will serve to help deal with many daily life situations in general.

Going forward I will be able to design home-based programs that will fulfill the needs of each individual child and the desires of the parents to connect more deeply with their children. These programs will build and expand on implementing effective techniques to help children in their home environments, as well as helping them integrate into schools and into public life in order to fulfill their optimal potential.

The overwhelming feedback from families I have received in the past 30+ years has shown the tremendous progress their children have enjoyed. It also revealed to the families intimate knowledge of the quality, commitment, dedication and excitement of my work and the deep love I hold in my heart for their children. For many of the families I have had the privilege to grow quite close; many of them have kindly invited me into their hearts and see me as part of their family.

In closing I would like to share that my life’s mission clearly is my determination to keep helping families with Special Needs Children all over the world as long as my body, mind and spirit allow me to continue, and I pray that the universe will support me in being able to share my work as long as possible into the future.

Autism Does Not Have to Be a Life Sentence

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