Parenting Solutions for Challenging Neurotypical Children

Parenting Solutions for challenging neurotypical Children

In addition to my services for children with autism, I offer parenting consultations for any and all kinds of challenging situations as it relates to neurotypical children, your spouse and extended family members.

Dealing with rebellious teenagers, stubborn temper tantrums, nagging complaints or when your child seems to outsmart you or children who are academically lagging behind, I offer very hands-on, practical solutions and strategies to permanently solve these kinds of issues.

In addition, I offer couples consultations for any and all kinds of issues in regard to disagreements, marriage dynamics, different points of views, awareness of role modeling and how to work more effectively as a team, or how to juggle life as a single parent.

Through a gentle questioning and consulting process, I can help parents and supporting staff develop the most effective mindset, attitude and perspective in order to be the best role model you can be for your child and your family as a whole.


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